Chemical Name: Poly-(1-4)-2-Amino-2-deoxy-ß-D-Glucan
Molecular Formula: (C6H11O4N)·n
Molecular Weight: 161·n

Chemical Structure:

CAS NO.: 9012-76-4
Customs commodity code:29329990.90

Product property & Uses:
This product is natural high-molecular polysaccharide extracted from the sea shrimp and crab shell, as food additive and raw material for pharmacy. It is white powder, non-harmful, odourless, non-pollutive, non-corrosive, non-burnable, non-explosive, according with the export standard of WTO.

Specification & Package:

Bulk Density: >=0.20-0.30g/ml Common Density(CD)
  >=0.40-0.50g/ml High Density(HD)
  >=0.60-0.70g/ml Super High Density(SHD)
Particle size: >=100Mesh (or other sizes)
Food grade, off-white, fine power
Packed hermetically in 2 layers plastic bags(PE) and fiber drum
Outer size: CD Φ38×56cm
  HD&SHD Φ36×36cm
Net Weight: CD 20kg
  HD 20kg
  SHD 25kg
Gross Weight: CD 23.0kg
  HD 22.0kg
  SHD 27.0kg
Each 20-feet standardized container can pack:
  CD 7.0tons
  HD 12.96tons SHD 16.0tons